America, Drowning in Spiritual ‘Contention & Death’

~R.OliverLuce | 09-11-14

A nation is a land MADE OF one culture, one language, an enforcement of law, godly morals, and defensible borders.  This from which atheists must return to a “live & let live” attitude with themselves and others. Where liberal-progressives give up their agenda of control and tyranny! And most importantly Christians return to their first love to treat everyone as they would be treated as well.

If learning that even godly elements will not hurt our pride in life and where control of others can be given back to trusting in God (trusting wisdom & common sense) we can then learn to live and have a future! This will lead to a bright destiny if we treat each other as we would want to be treated. Treating each other with care, without looking for excuses for control and contention over the other. But let us solve problems without fear and mistrust so we can see solutions through God (wisdom).

In our national problems: It’s the Christians who have rejected God’s Covenant through excuses, materialism, and willful behavior in fear, Liberals who live desiring control over others without any trust in God, many loose people who live for loose porn/sexual perversion, Atheists who live with inflated damaged egos attempting to taking it out on the those backsliding Christians who believe in the great nothingness of adding other dead religions to Christianity, WHO HAVE opened America to the evils of Islam, Hindus, Satanism, and habitual unbridled sins leading to an ever-expanding contentious behavior that is leading to spiritual death and the death of a nation who once was under God with a sprinkling of an evil conscience. A conscience that once was great among nations of the Earth.

Judgment time for America is here for all of us. Those of us who are evil and the remnant who still trust in the “Spirit of Truth”, the Holy Spirit who is the anointing of Jesus the Christ who is the express image of the Father who CREATED US ALL. We are fearfully and wonderfully created. Look at your body even with it’s so-called imperfections. It’s not about religion, but about LIFE!

America could come back to life. But it is a sure WORD that time is short for all of us who do not know God as our Lord through Jesus the Christ. Judgment is here and the WHOLE jig is about up.

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