Mr Vargas Can Never Be a USA Lawyer from Illegal Lawless Beginnings

~R.OliverLuce | 09-06-14

Immigrant means legal entrants. Illegals are NOT immigrants and neither can a lawless President pronounce nor allow illegals to run amuck against our culture nor our Constitution and our God.

Every country has a god otherwise it can’t exist! Shall we return to our God this time in reality? Beginnings have real meanings. A lawless beginning can not be hidden nor can any of us fool God. Even allowing in little foxes under the fence will become larger than life in due season; Becoming very unmanageable especially on a national scale!! When repenting the conscience must have it’s sacrifice of undoing the willful lawless action so that the conscience does not play games in continuing the demon [habitual] sin! A fact of life!

Mr. Vargas @DREAMerJ_D and Mr. Erika Andiola both of Dreamers for the promotion of illegal-lawless acceptance are now accusing Mr. Barack Obama of NOT CARING for the needs of “immigrant” families who have been arguing and insisting their demands be met now to become citizens with jobs or carded people with jobs and the possibility to vote eventually? Hey wait a minute, these people aren’t immigrants but illegals shouting for their rights from other nations to demand we feed them, equipt them, job them, and give candy to them over our own! What attitudes for non-citizens who have an attitude! Good grief!

I would say, GREAT people become WISE when they lead their LEGAL families in righteousness in obeying the laws of ROME (USA) as good Catholic-Christians! When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Please listen to the Lord your God and make the trip back to your gracious country who needs your American taxpayer bought benefits you NOW have [YES] at our own expense. Yes, please enjoy them as you either deport back or wilfully return to your own [YES] gracious country.

Please wait in line, in your country, as everyone else does. Doing this LEGALLY will help your own self respect in possibility entering the U.S.A. LEGALLY in an orderly fashion to help us maintain our American melting pot culture (that you must learn & speak as the Romans do). Our culture must remain AMERICAN MADE and not to be confused with a joyful and colorful Mexican culture which is GREAT in Mexico ONLY, thank you. Chinese and other South America cultures too are GREAT in those countries but not for the United States. If people want their own culture to rule over Americanism then be delighted in staying in your own country.

Thanks ahead of time for obeying our laws that you may live in prosperity which only come from righteous living. Prosperity is much more than gaining money and a better job here in America. You can also be a BLESSING to your own country who has needs just like the United States does. America is not HEAVEN nor shall it ever be. Ask the Lord of prosperity to help you to make your country special.

If we are able to control our immigration through legal means then we are able to save our own AMERICAN MADE CULTURE and assist other NATIONS from a position of strength. We have Americans who do not have jobs here. Those jobs must be filled before legal immigrants can come and get them, much less allow (God forbid) lawless illegals flood our culture and our land and be given jobs by a lawless American President acting against our Constitution!

America must DEPORT illegals and their born-in-USA children in fraud & Assist Their Nations From Position of Strength instead. All corporations must be inspired by law and by righteous reasoning to never again hire illegals for a strong America! This begins with strong American families who raise their children in righteousness through the power of the Spirit of Truth and the Author of Creation, our Father-God!


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