The Imam-Dearborn Deception

~R.OliverLuce | 09-03-14

The rise of EVIL in America with very real terror cell distractions from the real jihad thrust of out voting with many babies as eventual voters and the legal court attacks as victims they play:

Sharia Law is the root cause of ISIS. And not only that but the slowly peaceful-deceptive Imam generated Islamic takedown of all nations of the earth as well. This includes the takedown of both America and all of Europe.

And it’s all being done through a gradual 3-stage stealth-attack process. It all involves the lies, for which the Quran teaches, and the use of very useful people who have no wisdom of right from wrong and therefore how can evil really exist. In the liberal’s mind all people can be taught to be kind given time and teaching. Evil does not exist they believe. ISIS and the Quran will agree the WEST is ripe for the taking if liberalism is not outlawed soon!!

Finally, currently Muslim Imams and their faithful but forced followers have left the stage-1 process of lies and are now openly and boldly proclaiming the takeover of their various governments in Europe to install Sharia Law on EVERYONE with threats of beheadings if any White European or otherwise refuses!


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