The Trinity in Freewill Relationship {w-ref.verses}

~R.OliverLuce | 09-01-14

The Father, is the initiator of the Godhead, creates, gives birth, and thereby selects all those who are the inheritors of the Kingdom of God! It’s at this point the Father gives and presents them to the Son so to speak! This is when they might either do the works of repentance of their sins or they REFUSE to humble themselves before the Son. Even in the face of the anointing of the Holy Spirit they will do this! For who can be accepted and forgiven by the Son if they refuse and make mockery the Spirit of Truth with their unbelief and unrepentant attitude in the light of their own gods they still hold on too. Mat.3:7,8; Luke 3:8*; Mat.12:31; Mark 4:12; Luke 12:10; Gen.1:26; John 1:1;

Many might believe in the person Jesus but they CAN NOT acknowledge Jesus as Lord-God except by acknowledging and accepting the spirit of truth. Only with this attitude can they accept the Son into their hearts. Those who truly seek Jesus as LORD are on the side of truth! And that truth is even self-evident in nature, in our consciences, and the universe. Rom.1:23; Mat.12:31; Luke 12:10; 1Co.12:3;

Moreover, for the Son is the Father’s own WORD of PROMISE. It’s this promise of His Covenant that it’s a commitment to those who He chose from out of birthing and out of creation who will and might accept the sacrifice that seals the deal. And that deal has been SEALED by His own sacrifice in seriousness(blood)!! And this promise and this Word is that they might grow in righteousness to glorify the Father. Gen.15:17,18; Gen.17:10; Luke 22:20; Rom.9:9; 1Kings 8:56;

The Son is His express image of Himself, the Father! And the Son is His proof of the promise that His SON did the work He was sent to do. To deal with sin and to put it away for our salvation from dead fleshly works of which we are slaves through a life of sin ruling over us. Col.1:15; 2Cor.4:4; Acts 11:18; John 3:16; 1John 4:10; 1John 4:9; 1Cor.1:12; Col.2:18; 2Pet.2:18;

Clearly, Jesus is the sacrifice that sealed the deal on the Covenant of love. And the spirit of truth is the Holy Spirit that is the anointing on the Son, the Father’s living Word! The Holy Spirit is that spirit of truth that woos the Father’s Word of promise to inspire and convince us all, that HE is alive and we have a hope and a future! Gen.15:17,18; Gen.17:10; Jere.29:11; Jere.31:17; Prov.23:18; Prov.24:14; Gal.4:6;

Again, His Word, His Son is His express image and promise that He will never renege on His Covenant which has wonderful benefits and terrible consequences. Col.1:15; 2Cor.4:4; Col.3:25;

Post Script:
The Father through His Holy Spirit draws all men (people) to Himself through the Son, who is His only sure WORD. Of all those He draws to Himself are everyone whom the Creator has created to become the inheritors for Kingdom living through repentance from dead works of the attitudes of the flesh without the living Holy Spirit to empower them as they were created to do. They/we were created to do exploits in subduing this Earth for the Kingdom of God that our spirits would grow and mature to glorify the Father-God for all eternity! We are all called to greatness in a progressive and great destiny for His glory. Mat.6:37,44; Mat.3:7; Jere.29:11;  

His glory means we have joy in doing what we see Him doing in nature, in relationship, and in the universe. Read the Bible!

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