Islamic ISIS & Hamas must be totally wiped out for Freedom

~R.OliverLuce | 08-08-14

Summary: Islamic ISIS & Islamic Hamas will in time be utterly destroyed with the outlawing of liberalism encouraging evil

Islamic ISIS cutting off children’s heads, killing 100’s of Christians is hideous as Islamic Hamas using women & children as shields AS Hamas BOMBs Israeli civilians except for life saving Iron-Dome anti-missiles.

Let Israel crush evil BAD ENOUGH so evil will STOP coming back for more & more hate in the name of Islamic peace!

WW2 is an example of stopping evil for good; As there are NO more evil Japanese NOR evil Germans to fight, unless, unless we allow liberalism to resurrect the evil with false guilt and moral vanity again and again. Both Quranic-Sharia loving Islam and American-style liberalism should be outlawed one day when the whole world wakes up. That day will only come when Matthew 24:14 is completed and the jig is up for the whole world.



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