Appealing to @iSupremeCourt to save ‘marriage’ that allows everyone to covenant w/the OPPOSITE sex

Appealing to the @iSupremeCourt to give homosexuals their own legal TERM that identifies gay unions for homosexual behavior.  The world knows that the word ‘marriage’ has always been forever.  To add homosexuals into marriage is changing the very definition and the very foundation of what marriage does and produces, i.e. opposite sex love and children.

Marriage has always been about A-man with A-woman. Equality in marriage is reached when ANY man and ANY woman joined together as 1 man with 1 woman have access to be in covenant with each other in the terms of “marriage.”
Marriage is about the opposite sexes joining together in covenant and having, almost all the time, fruit that produces children. Homosexuals do not produce this fruit nor do they qualify as opposite sexes joining together to enter the marriage covenant bond.

Long held century old definitions for terms that also may be LEGAL are important to maintain for any sane society that wants to maintain order and reasonable equality for all in varying moral situations through the years. So, another term must be used or invented (to bring equality and legal union status) for those who wish to indulge in aberrant sex. Therefore, we must allow these people ‘to gay unionize’ their commitments to each other in this wayward sexual behavior. Because of their outspoken voices and their false sense in believing that they are born gay, we do appease them in prayer and hopes that one day many will come to their senses through the power of God’s wisdom, BUT without harshness nor abuse towards them! We all need care in coming to our collective senses to eventually live the truth and never the lie which always have consequences in due season.

Now I wish to state an example why we must separate the two kinds of commitments, i.e. “Marriage” and “Gay Union”:  In Malaysia, Christians can not use the word “Allah” for their God. They must use another term, a different word perhaps the term, “God” for the purposes of communicating.

So, I ask the Supreme Court why are we changing the definition of the word, “marriage” for the first time in WORLD HISTORY?  Everyone knows what marriage means for both Christians and non-Christians alike. But these homosexual men and women who refuse to join with an opposite sex are NOT WITHIN the definition of “marriage” but are in a far different definition of another KIND of union, or commitment, or covenant.

May I purpose the word, ‘gay union’ or whatever term the people who differentiate themselves from the rest of us only through a different kind of sexual behavior which does not produce any fruit (children) biologically speaking.  Any people could adopt I suppose which is another issue.


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