Terrible News for John Kerry/Obama’s Islamic terror dictates for Egypt

Egypt destroys Obama’s poor Kerry who was trying to bribe Egypt with Apache choppers for Barack’s agenda! “Egypt’s military-dominated government has delivered a humiliating, [but] public slap in the face [and rightly so] to John Kerry, the US secretary of state, by sentencing three Al-Jazeera journalists to long prison terms only hours after Kerry personally expressed his deep concern about the case.”(1) Aww, this is bad news for Obama’s Islamic plans for the world!! But it’s more than THAT!

The Obama government is a liberal guilt machine delivering and believing their issuing guilt dictates in working with Islamic intentions for world dictatorship. Why? The “Obama liberal anti-Americans” actually believe they will soften Islam’s aims and meanness so that Islam might succumb to the liberal way of thinking for world domination, lol!! It’s Obama’s feeling that loving each other through false guilt (human understanding & human dictates without relying on the intelligence & wisdom of God) will create their liberal utopian heaven on earth, as the communists once tried. However, Obama and the true liberals believe it’ll happen this time around by just throwing money at everything with true utopian dictates that shall make everyone happen without evil ambitions or direction for their lives. A state must be worshipped I suppose.

LOL, so, John Kerry was caught shouting draconian sentences such as, “Today’s conviction is obviously a chilling and draconian sentence…”(1) said Kerry. I ask why is it a draconian, Mr. Kerry? We are in a 100-year war with Islam, John, and you’re being used as a useful idiot, as Islamic Muslims would put it.

The even presented in the article that slapped Kerry silly follows here:
“Three Al Jazeera journalists were sentenced to seven years in jail by an Egyptian judge on Monday for aiding a “terrorist organization”, drawing criticism from Western governments who said the verdict undermined freedom of expression.”(1)

Therefore, I predict Egypt may declare both Obama and Vietnam-Kerry wicked criminals who could be slammed into prison if they set foot on Egyptian soil sometime in the near future. It may come to this.

(1) http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-23/john-kerry-shocked-and-humiliated-first-day-middle-east-touR

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