Apartheid? The Development of The Nation State

by R.Oliver Luce | 06-04-14

Progressives and [Lib]Blacks have discovered Apartheid as a tool to terrorize & destroy any country that has freedom, prosperity, & it’s own people in it’s focus.


Here is the truth! Nation states were invented to be of singleness in mind with the following attributes: Acknowledging God that holds a nation together with it’s laws that must be enforced, The family as the fundamental unit of society, 1 language, 1 people, & enforced borders with 1 culture/society with certain freedoms not to be confused with the following anti-social behaviors such as porn, homosexualism, free-sex out of marriage, slavery, & others.

These nation states provide benefits and services that the old traveling tent cultures of ancient times could never provide.


Israel as an Example of The Nation State


Israel is a great example of a nation state with singleness of purpose in why it was created. Today, Islamic, communist, and American progressives are using Apartheid to brand Israel as a rogue state with a form of Apartheid in putting down Arab Muslims within Israel. But Israel is suppose to be a nation-state for the Jews. Now, having said this, today’s Jews have mistakenly allow Arab Muslims into the Jewish state thus bringing their enemies down upon their heads with gainsaying statements the Jews are evil. Israel is for Jews and if the Jews were wise they would begin allowing and pushing for deportation of all Arab Muslims. This is rather late and will require the shedding of blood to accomplish.


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