Wise Men Will Love You When Corrected To Do Right; We All Wish For a Free USA

{Legal Immigration is Able to Screen Illegal Foreigners After Deportation}

Various Whitehouse administrations have egged on these illegal foreigners for years but most importantly by Barack Obama with the express purpose and the hope that after awhile no one will dare deport these nice illegal aliens who are humans. Therefore this is one of the primarily reasons WE MUST, in principle, stop this legal anarchy and uphold American law. Deportation must go forward to ensure the continuation of America and American law! Legal immigration will screen those who have BEEN illegal even for years. It’s the law. People cry about it and those who are wise will love us for it in time. They too want a FREE AMERICA when they wake up from their ILLEGAL mindset. The country is slowly crumbling. It’s bad. Illegal activities breed gangs everywhere. It’s bad. To allow THIS purposeful lawlessness is to set the stage for more lawlessness by everyone.

To reiterate! Allowing illegal foreigners who have broken the law at the egging of various administrations most prominently Democratic and R.I.N.O. Republican are simply interested in targeting our country for assimilation into a so-called North American Union that is an America no longer recognizable only to put our debt upon these illegal aliens enticing them with free stuff to break our laws of immigration. They know they have broken the law and so does President Obama himself broken and is not interested in upholding American law. Impeachment must follow for this President and his V.P. sidekick. Never mind who replaces these men. The target is lawlessness and growing lawlessness among the people; As the leadership goes so goes the followers. True.


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