America Court System is Creating[LAW] an Extreme Condition for Tearing Up The Constitution

by R.OliverLuce | 05-10-14

To the Supreme Court it must be mentioned the definition of marriage is and has always been between a man and a woman for centuries upon centuries in every civilized culture since Adam.

Who says the court has the RIGHT to CREATE LAW by dictating what is unconstitutional and violates the Constitution and the people who vote against the what doctors call unbecoming behavior for the human body in marriage of all places!

Never mind the rights of the same-sex behaviors being effected by the protection of marriage. They (the people with the gay behavior) ALL STILL have their right to marry the oppose SEX if they deem to do so; Their rights here have not been infringed upon! Everyone in the nation STILL has the right to marry; Marrying the oppose sex!
What is necessary is for these homosexuals to be given or invent a UNION that identifies the term, the institution as such. A union between same sex people who wish to stay together under that oath of same sex.

It is time for men and women everywhere to stop visiting the American court system until which time they have renounce the practice of creating law and must roll back every law that’s been based or acted upon from unconstitutional precedence and the simple creation of law that was meant for only the people and the legislative process. Any law voted on by the people will stand forever until which the people rescind it.


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