Allowing Illegal Foreigners Corrupts Them & All of Us! No Exceptions

America is a nation of laws

America is suppose to be a nation of laws and living our lives ethically by dynamic-laws that appear/come in the heart. The ethical ideas that come from wisdom learned from the Bible and through TWO great Godly reformations that changed the face and character of the American Republic in those days. We have yet to see a third where all seven mountains of a nation, OUR NATION be transformed once again. Transformed even higher in wise ways than what our founders had seen in their days! Let it be that we believe and through obedience have the faith to see God move again nationally even with healing and miracles. But I digress with those who hate what I have just mention.

TODAY! We have seen how historical mass lawlessness (with the Indians) has done to our country for us NOW, today! Evil has entered our land through a false focus and in many cases false guilt from a focus on our national sins with the Indian and slavery.

The violation of Indian treaties in the name of changing demographics but a ill-conceived attempts at fixing the Indian vs. Whiteman issues of that day. Of course, the Indians were not saints for sure as we were! We’re all sinners in need of a savior that helps us to focus on redemption and never the focus on guilt, even false guilt!

Of course, it should not give license to break our side of any previous agreed upon deal! Ancient Israel, as an example, practically broke treaty with another party because of that party’s evil practices. But good wise leadership prevented it keeping Israel from any future repercussions from falling upon the new nation (Israel).

As for slavery we all know it has become wrong in our age and for all future ages to come! There is no longer any room for willful slavery for paying off debts for starters as from days of old! The American framers of this Republic, those who were dead set against slavery put into the constitution, the language and freedoms that would one day force the issue of slavery to be dealt with once and for all time! It even resorted to a Civil War which turn out to be horrible.

With these two great issues of our time along with America’s invention of wealth creation we are now experiencing the destruction of our Republic through this evil focus away from the nation’s redeemable character. Instead of focusing on false guilt and evil to change a nation we must return to our roots to save our own lives and our land.

Historical mass lawlessness has lead to this present evil focus on allowing illegal foreigners to rush and flood our borders for years and our focus on teaching foreigner nationals trades instead of our own people because of evil agendas to destroy our heritage because of overt focus on false guilt and national sin. Redemption is always the way and never to use guilt, lies, and lawlessness to transform.

Never allow our country to be invaded by lawless illegal foreigners who may be nice people or professionals from India. To do so will corrupt us as well as the illegal. Let LEGAL immigration be the LAW OF THE LAND that we may never see the coming repercussions in the future!

America is a nation of laws and ethics that keep a nation safe and strong. With that said, never turn in an illegal friend, but encourage that friend to return to his homeland that you might even help with expenses not to say much about government transportation expenses which are both good.

However, in the public square we stand for the law and the truth that holds a nation together. We are a nation of culture, an American culture, not a mix bag culture that is coming with illegal foreigners who have not been screened for entry and accepting our American culture and language. At the same time there must be a reasonable number of LEGAL screened immigrants that will never affect over population nor our economy. Jobs must resort to Americans only. Legal immigrants being screened must be self supporting or assisted by friends who are American citizens.

All this is reasonable and when we can hold to these truths with faithfulness, we can then as a STRONG AMERICA assist other nations with their people and their citizens, and their problems by giving them fishing poles to help themselves and not cash as to enslave them to us! Evil governments will come and go but we can help in wise ways, always without gainsaying liberal interference for control. Control is not the goal, but building futures, in righteousness, towards helping others is the goal.

Now listen to an Indian who can see what’s coming for you and I.


This wise Indian FEELS (and sees) the TRUTH, but just can’t quite say it in BOLD terms:

Let us learn from wise men as this one, who knows what’s coming unless we heed wisdom NOW!


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