Confusion in Israel Slowly Brought on by U.S. Leaders Capitulating to Islamic Tyranny

An attack on Israeli army post by right-wing Jewish settlers brings fear of a new threat? Yes, confusion brought on by the evil United States of America. Our leaders have slowly but surely brought this on by their slow attempt at appeasing Islam through the giving of land away to the Middle East Islamics who are at war with the entire world whether we believe it or NOT! Remember as Islam advances worldwide to dominate the earth, YOUR creator is busy EATING Islam from behind through miracles, visions, healings, and salvation (in God’s love, Jesus) from the demonic hold of Islam. Millions of people are disillusioned with Islam to say the least!


The attack on the Israeli Army post as a surprise to Israelis** everywhere really shouldn’t be a huge surprise. After all, the Israelis’ own government for years now have been caving to the Americans idea of what peace might be and being shoved around to accommodate the Muslims in the Middle East who are hell bent on destroying Israel and every living Jew on the earth using the Palestinians as pawns.


The U.S. has done well in assisting and giving military and other support to help and protect Israel’s right to exist. But this must NOT come at the expense of FORCING laws, in making housing illegal for the Jews in the West bank when originally they were given the land by the Brits. Even so, it’s their land by historical facts not just from a biblical document point of view but from all the activities since the 1940’s and even further back than that as modern history does prove.


Palestinians were never a people group UNTIL the war for Jewish independence when the Jews had to beat back the Islamic nations surrounding them began initiating a war to shove them into the sea. It was the Islamic nations that SHOUTED for the Palestinian Muslims, Christians, etc. in the area to get out before those nations attacked! It’s the Islamic nations that refused to help the so-called Palestinians from day one until now. They are simply pawns in a long war to gainsay and push all Jews out of what they call as their land. Their land only because once a Muslim touches anyone’s land, it becomes theirs in time either through out birthing the population or through terror and war. It’s in their wicked Quran. It’s evil as to why I dare call it WICKED.

** Quote from the article: “The attack [on the Israeli Army post] came as settlers vented their anger at the fact that soldiers and police had overseen the demolition of five houses the previous day — houses built illegally by the religious settlers — that were the subject of an Israeli court order to be removed.”

** Title of article: “An attack on Israeli army post by right-wing Jewish settlers brings fear of a new threat” ~by Paul Alster

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