Nevada Rancher Threatens ‘Range War’ Against Overreaching Liberal-FEDs

by R.OliverLuce | 04-10-14

Feds are again using red herring save-the-mouse to trample the American people.  Either liberal / progessive evolution saves the ‘desert tortoise’ or it dies off because of liberal-evolution. Incidently, it’s a ‘circuit animal’ meaning it moves from area to area!! Nevertheless, [for example] if a fish dies off due to a drought, common sense must dictate FOR people and NOT against people! America is rushing headstrong into poverty like India. We are becoming worshippers of animals as do the Hindus! STOP THE MADNESS.

“Back to Christianity with a Vision of Ingenuity,” from God, for a people helping and communing with others and inventing tools in assisting!

The following Hannity interview which I am introducing to you, is an excerpt from Fox News Hannity’s interview with the Rancher being bullied by the progressive/lib owned federal government who are using red herring to grab yet more land from normal everyday Americans! Public land is just that public land. Using turtles who feed there is yet another example of using save the wales” to gain tyranny over the common people. More particularly here in American and now the state of Nevada! When it comes to using the idiom, “save the whales” concept it’s all about throwing out evolution and going for more and more dictatorial power over the American people. This is how I read it and so does common sense!

Let people save the animals in their own yards, let private businesses and charities save animals if that be and it shall happen! BUT otherwise let evolution run it’s course of certain animals dying off for crying out loud. Evolution is only convenient when it serves their own liberal interests!! But more fundamentally, let freedom remain. Everyone, tell the progress-Lib owned Feds to back off and leave government to us, the true Americans, who knows what freedom really means.

I’m saying vote every living progress-liberal out of power from all levels of state and federal government forever here. There is NO excuse to limit and to control from liberal fear of a world coming to an end in their own worldview. They have rejected God and common sense! It’s all about the drug POWER!

The following is the excerpt from FoxNews Hannity:

BUNDY: That’s what we do. We turn this resource into a renewable — a usable commodity good for man.

HANNITY: By the way, when your cattle graze there, that keeps the price of meat down for every American consumer.

Let’s take a look, American land owned by our government, we’re talking about 28 percent of U.S. landmass, up to 640 million acres the government owns here — which by the way, why do they own all that land?

Let me ask you one more question, Cliven. You talked about a range war with the federal government. There is a lot of people out there, now that they are taking your cattle, that are fearful this is ‘another Waco’ situation. Ruby Ridge has come up in some articles. What do you mean by range war? How far are you willing to take this?

BUNDY: Well, you know, my cattle is only one issue — that the United States courts has ordered that the government can seize my cattle. But what they have done is seized Nevada statehood, Nevada law, Clark County public land, access to the land, and have seized access to all of the other rights of Clark County people that like to go hunting and fishing. They’ve closed all those things down, and we’re here to protest that action. And we are after freedom. We’re after liberty. That’s what we want.

HANNITY: How far are you willing to go? How far are you willing to take this?

BUNDY: My statement to the American people, I’ll do whatever it takes to gain our liberty and freedom back. [Next liberals will come for you!]



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