Liberal Hillary Pushes Partisanship & Pulling Wool Over Illegal Foreigners

Starting off with this quote from Mrs. Clinton: “Hillary Clinton says excessive partisanship taking America backwards”, Really?

Well, double speak! Mrs. Hillary speaks with a fork tongue.  Again!
The facts are when two people run for an office they both have their own ideas.  Liberals go much further, THAN THIS, in trying to mix people up as to who stands for what & where and who did what to whom & why, when they did the dirt! These Liberalists, such as Hillary, has done so much damage to the nation through dumbing down our colleges and promoting free sex & obsessive weird marriage, with their own professors who dream of godless communism that will overthrow our so-called Christian influenced governmental system once and for all.

But who cares about the consequences, yes?  Except to gain power and to dictate for Hillary cares little!  After all, killing off most of the world’s population and saving the planet from evil humans are both the goal!! They have said it.  Ohhh, they have!  We keep hearing about our STATE PARKS being open to all citizens from around the world. But hey, just the libs are allowed into them, who are allowed to live on the planet. The rest of us are doomed to die off through our godless abortions!  Ok, where is the outrage over these dictators?  We are seeing it ALL LIVE in person!  And yet most of us are still sleeping.

The truth of the matter.  We all need to be clear and truthful.  What Hillary truly is saying, without saying it, “… we do have partisanship and I’m the strongest supporter of partisanship and I don’t want you to know that.  Why? Because I want you ALL in America to know they, the Republicans, are the ones who are partisan-shippers and they are leading us backwards into the dark ages of America when it was evil and capitalistic and a bunch of slave drivers.” She’s saying this so that you’ll be confused and vote for me as the first wonderful lady of the Whitehouse who isn’t relegated to being a First Lady!  She hates that. She does want all the glory! Yes, Bill is a sex idiot but she wants to be the next American savor after the Obama savor the first.
Ooops, does she dream all this, you ask?

LETS BE CLEAR AND TRUTHFUL HERE instead! The poor lady-Clinton wants to suck all the air (remember this) out of the room again as they both (Bill & Hillary) did in times past when they had control of the Whitehouse. Yes, let’s move on to liberal style communism and let it rest there. 🙂  By the way, how did she fair in the State Department during the Obama years? I guess she quit so she can get THAT behind her with a bunch a little white lies and time. Oh gosh, she reminds me of one of my relatives who acts and talks JUST LIKE HER, just like Hillary!

Yep, Hillary Clinton wants to be YOUR next president of our Republic and for that matter she wants to be the first woman to do so with great fanfare.

By-the-way, did I mention anything about illegal foreigners in this article? Nope, but we all know Hillary believes she and the Dems can trust illegal Mexicans to vote for them AS WE SECRETLY educate them on what is good and true in Christ Jesus. After all, most illegals are Catholics are they not.  True Catholics must seek out the truth and be aware of the evils that confront AND use them as little people with little brains!  These liberals must be confronted and thrown out of every level of state and federal office!  Tar and feathering isn’t available!

P.S. I must make it very clear I can not respect this lady. If I were to meet her in person I would respect our conversation but I will confront her on her stands. For she stands for nothing that is good.  Only what seems to be good in her OWN mind. Never mind listening to others.



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