A Presentation of Good News For Salvation. An Outline Only, For Sharing & Living It!

by R.OliverLuce | 03-28-14

A: An outline of presenting the Good News of walking in love & wisdom to mature and grow in our Spirit.

01: Interest and possible questioning of a person’s secular life without sounding religious. We are, I am living a LIFE with the power and wisdom of Christ Jesus.

02: Interest in any church they may have visited or belonged.

03: Give them some information of my church that I’m committed to.

04: Present them my testimony in a way that flows without again being religious!

05: Asking any questions about the Lord that may be in the flow of the Holy Spirit that  pertains to any interest in their salvation if they might be interested!

B: The Good News for a life in the Spirit for eternity!  {The Gospel}

01: Grace

A: Free from the Father God to empower us to live a godly life with real meaning!

B: Grace is not earned nor deserved. But is given to enable us to live for His works that produces fruit for real godly living with vision!

02: Man

A: He/she is a sinner who is unable to live a godly life with a vision.

B: We can not save ourselves because we were designed to lean, to trust in God for our lives.

03: God

A: He is just and therefore He will  must punish sin.

B: He is merciful and therefore does not want to punish us.

04: Christ

A: He is the living Word of life, the arm of love from the Father.

B: He became man who came to “seal the deal” on the Father’s Covenant of Love to purchase us from our sins, (from the enemy who had authority over sin), for all of us!

05: Faith

A: Trusting in Jesus the Christ who sealed the deal on God’s Covenant through which our salvation is sealed with the help of the Holy Spirit, if we trust and obey to mature in wisdom, knowledge, and love in the Father!

B: Faith is Hebrews chapter 11, verse 1.

C: Commitment

01: What qualifies? Our will in accepting and obedience to the Father’s Covenant.

02: Asking if they want to commit through allowing Jesus into their life?

03: Clarify what it means to commit their life to Jesus Christ in HIS Covenant.

04: Praying with them the prayer repentance and commitment to the Lord God.

05: Assurance; What it means when asking Jesus Christ into their hearts. They have joined with Him in the Father’s Covenant that sealed their salvation when they committed with their will and actions. Not works from their old mindset but works that explode from God’s love in us. We are more than willing to ACT WILLINGLY when we know someone loves us so!


D: Vision

A: A revelation of purpose in your life in God who knows you very intimately.  He will continuously guide you as you develop and see needs and powerful meaning for your life. Even meaning for those around you that God gives you in your path!


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