Clear Patterns: Why Some Judges Are More Lenient Than Others and Why?

Briefly and in quick order  I am reporting on a soon to be released STUDY REPORT on criminal sentencing patterns of the federal judiciary.

A forthcoming federal judiciary study makes out there are clear patterns that Democrats & women are much more lenient in sentencing criminals.

Also where you live also makes a big difference.  It does look like certain areas of the country have more reason to be harsh rather than being lenient due to attitudes of the population and criminals. As this is generally accepted in THOSE areas, but as in my opinion in this article.  Increasing crime can also mean harsher rulings.

BUT what about why a certain political party would make more lenient rulings than another party?  Perhaps it’s a worldview and NOT about a conspiracy.  A worldview and a view on morality does effect the way people look at situations and the law.  I can understand why people would scream “conspiracy” but the truth of the matter is it’s all about whether a nation walks away from God and morality!  Women are lenient is due to their view from motherhood if you will. At this time I cannot find a better term to describe what I’m attempting to say HERE about women. Sorry women, lol.  But to be fair, there are wise women who are lenient for the right reasons and not-so-wise women who are simply always lenient ‘almost’ all the time.

The following reference (below) is a good read on the soon to be released study of federal judiciary leniency.


“A giant, forthcoming study of the federal judiciary reveals clear patterns: Democrats and women are slightly more lenient. Where you’re sentenced matters even more. Judges in the South are harsher; in the Northeast and on the West Coast, they are more easygoing.” ~A quote by Tim Wu, from his article entitled, “Who’s To Judge?”

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