Re-Establishing Law & Order in the Republic: Deport Flooding Illegal Foreigners

by R.OliverLuce | 03-04-14

Law & Order Series:

Starting with this liberal Administration in the Whitehouse along with RINO*/liberal elements of the Senate and the House, whom these leaders, the President, liberal judges, and certain members of congress MUST either resign or begin “consistently” (after elections) obeying, encouraging, and enforcing American Constitutional law

[without misinterpreting, courts creating law, and pushing the creation of law or new improved ‘precedence of law’ through the courts]

by taking the constitution at it’s word along with it’s associated “Federalist Papers” that give further explanations of what the constitution flatly means. The word “Flatly,” here, would convey the meaning NOT second guessing what the founding fathers of our nation meant. We can all see what’s in the record with their own written words!

Today that’s not the case as liberalism has taken to re-writing the constitution according to their own socialist agenda, or worse outright ignoring and breaking it! As this liberal agenda continues to push its way into every aspect of American life and our institutions we are seeing lawlessness and mayhem that is threatening our way of life and peace! We all see it today!

Case in point, the absurd phrase “undocumented immigrants,” a contradiction in terms! This phrase is used over and over again to gainsay on the American public that breaking and not enforcing immigration law is good for the country in helping poor immigrants who make a living in the U.S. But in fact the word “immigrant” is used only for those who have LEGALLY entered the U.S. legally as recent citizens. This is a nothing more than egging on a lawless situation for political gain by placing millions on the public dole who when naturally vote for those who give out the freebies! This is not only anti-Americanism as it is lawless and it makes the doers (those leaders of ours) lawless in egging on foreigners to break the law themselves, American law.

As human beings, they (we) are creatures of habit. They are either habitually lawful or unlawful, without even talking about mistakes. But mistakes can lead to willful habits. Lawlessness will beget more lawlessness in the human condition; Even as our leaders do, so goes the populous as a certain timeless concept in human affairs states. Therefore, to ensure the security and lawful activities of our country, illegal foreigners must be asked to leave or be deported in the name of law and order. All this to encourage lawful attitudes in leadership, the American people, and those foreigners who can be a blessing to their own countries with ill-gotten gains paid by the American taxpayer. America can not become a holy heaven to the entire world for every foreigner in every land. America must never become a tyrannical country like this, never!

Our leaders to willfully and conveniently break certain laws and refuse not to enforce others, will bring about instability to our country through the inspiration of outrage. Lawless leaders do inspire the populous to rage and to plain lawlessness as well.

Not only must we recapture the country, but we must avoid this coming lawlessness. Lawlessness is dangerous and CAN be used as a pretext for dictation and Marshal Law. This would mean instituting the final solution.

* RINO means Republican In Name Only as a liberal member of the Republican party.

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