A Broken Constitutional Covenant & Coming Judgment

by R.OliverLuce | 02-27-2014

The nation’s Covenant {constitution} has been broken & judgment is coming, BUT it has begun already!  You who have cast off the restraints of the American Covenant do you think your own ways will bring a better agenda?  It shall be worse for you than had you simply sinned before your forefathers.  No redemption for you because of your attitude!

The difference between those who have had enough of American redemption, and those who know they sin but believe in personal & national redemption is great.  For those who focus on the sins of their country cannot and will not ever see a future of being a blessing to others and themselves.

The individual who despises the sins of the American nation without regard to national grace and redemption has grown cold in their attitude towards righteousness and their trust in the creator.  And other Americans have chosen to believe in their country and does so in focusing on national graciousness and redemption while knowing we have our sins both personally and nationally!

This American life of redemption is based on a spiritual “Manifest Destiny” that was initiated by our first President, George Washington.  A Destiny in educating people groups such as the Indians in developing a righteous society full of hope, perseverance, and civility. This destiny was to be a future based on grace and care in self-restraint and self-responsibility.  Not a Manifest Destiny full of greedy Americans stealing land and killing Indians as liberals would distort it with false guilt and half truths!  But, for a society to avoid certain ills such as homosexuality and porn can only be accomplished through a people willing to hold each other responsible with care and real love in wisdom.  Yes, in this regard it does take a community but not as a communist tyranny but through willing sacrifice and giving of each other, inspired from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in God our creator.

Man can not afford to have an inflated ego in believing he’s done it all himself.  A successful society is bigger than himself!!  But he can do it through empowerment from the Holy Spirit who is God; Our God is 3 in 1, a God of relationships, The Father, the Son(Word), the Holy Spirit, a model of relationship for us all.


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