Enforcement of Law & Working with Congress is an Appropriate Model in Culture Wars

Does @BarackObama consider the LAW not an appropriate model to solve America’s problems? But, hey, actually facts do.  Nations and people need laws to function. And people will become lawless in habit, as leaders first become loose with the law; Without doing the enforcement and actually breaking the law they actually do lead a country off a cliff into a land of more and more lawlessness, i.e. humans are creatures of habit.

HEY, porn has helped us fall away from the God of our forefathers, am I correct?  Consider what happen to Israel of old when their enemies wanted to weaken them. They considered slowly getting the population ‘impaled’ with loose sexual sin and porn. As history shows porn breaks the family unit in due season for any society.  It’s true, porn is an anti-social behavior like gay and child sex and should never be allowed as free speech and never be considered as a civil right along with skin colorations!  America has lost it’s head, but it IS true, right now, that there is an element of the populaton who are addicted to porn and wants to inject it everywhere in the name of free speech destroying the country fundamentally!

Nevertheless back to law enforcement and circumventing congress, it is amazing the nation has NOT already lynched Obama into prison, just from rage alone!  Obama’s behavior is not even close to being American of a sorts, i.e. lawless and circumventing! Where is the rage???

Sooooo, when everyone [media, congress, marshals, people] is simply standing around talking about how bad or how nice this Chicago man (Obama) is, then it SHOULD become a special liberating event in the history of America to suspend the constitution in [culture]WAR time, and simply walk into the Whitehouse & pull Mr. Barack Obama by the ears into a cell block for later judgment in a fair trial without any anti-American liberal elements presiding as judge.  The trial must only deal with the facts that relate to the constitution without screwing with it’s[constitution] intentions[and the Federal papers, and letters between the men who made America].

Obama does as he pleases http://t.co/2MlQF7jk2k

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