74% of Americans detest what is happening to us; What is happening to our country!

Why is Obama boasting?  He’s practically stating, he can do anything he wants.  Big Liberal Media supports his behavior in threatening congress with unconstitutional executive actions and his other actions in preventing the enforcement of law across the nation, i.e. freely allowing all illegals everywhere free services and goods without being arrested and advertising in Mexico of free food stamps in the U.S. once they arrive!  Are we willing to STOP these threats and illegal activity by our own president with the support of liberal elements of the Democratic party? THIS THREAT?  Impeach him and ignore Big Liberal Media and those in congress who support his illegal presidency! This president is NOT above the law.

It’s time for unrelenting mass civil actions to impeach Obama and shutdown this anti-American MEDIA promoting unconstitutional lawlessness and conspiring with the President of the U.S. in the destruction of said constitution and our laws.

Civil wars were waged for causes less than THIS.  But this takes the cake for George Washington and those who are willing to shut down boasting gainsays who hate America, hating America people!!!


The Liberal Media and the King:

74% of Americans detest @BarackObama bypassing congress:

NY Times says Obama has the right to circumvent:

Obama in action circumventing congress:


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