This My Friends is Salvation

This, my friends, is salvation

(Q): An atheist asked, “why is it about the blood in [true]Christianity?”

(A): A well known evanglist responded by, “It’s like soap, can’t be clean unless you apply the soap!  So likewise you must apply the blood!!”

To sum up salvation:

To apply the blood to your life means you must choose between life and death for your life; Apply the blood daily to your life with “your” faith(in His Word) and that means it is done positionally and daily. If you fail to apply the blood everyday then eventually the Holy Spirit will not continue to strive with you! Therefore, in like manner you are willfully walking away from His Covenant protection, breaking it with eventual terrible consequences for your eternal life.

A wise son will obey his father and grow in wisdom and makes his father proud of him. This, my friends, is salvation!


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