Prisoners of Crime vs Prisoners of Freedom?

Prisoners of crime are not prisoners of freedom. Liberalism wants to reduce the prison population by simply releasing and balancing white numbers with black numbers, and repealing laws which will endanger society as common sense shows! Liberalism insists in continuing and increasing all the comferts of home for these prisoners of freedom, i.e. TV, Internet, etc! This is counter productive and only deletes incentives for prisoners to change their behavior and attitudes. In this sense crime pays and society continues to be ruined.
Finally, to give prisoners the right to VOTE will not do any incentive to improve behavior and lower prison population. In fact it will only contribute to the furtherance and the spread of crime through these liberal ideas that will only promote negative incentives!

There are FOUR ways to LOWER the crime population in America’s jails & prisons:
(1) Allow Multi-religious Christianity back into GOVERNMENT as it always has before.
(2) Allow reasonable crowding of prisoners of crime with the removal of all home appliances but allowing some education as behavior improves, and allowing reading along with Bibles.
(3) Allow Christian and other group to visit who have great wisdom how to relate without prisoners fooling them.
(4) And finally when prisoners are willing, educating them in the art of self accountability and self forgiveness which will lead to accountable behavior and blessings without the blaming of racism or society.

A note of interest: If the Rev. Jackson is able to understand why Blacks might out number Whites by percentage, through his own fear while walking through D.C, then we will see healing in the land, when other Liberal Black activists can see this as well.
Through self accountability prison populations of Blacks, Whites, and others will then be reduced through common sense incentives that reflect human nature and habits.

Liberalism has got to understand and come to a realization of this fact someday SOON, but with saying this pride always seeps into the equation.


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