Powerful Emotions from Terrible Events Have a Strange Effect on Opening Up People To New but Bad Ideas

In today’s America, there are many people who seem to be leaders of our country, who are in the generation who have been affected & even traumatized by powerful national earth shaking events of the 1960’s that have made an eventual change in America, i.e. Killing of both Kennedys, the murder of Martin L King, drugs, the anti-war riots, and weird music idols from England, the Vietnam War, and finally the terrible Nixon (current President has eclipsed Nixon without impunity)!

And these events has produced powerful [personal] emotions which have a strange way of opening people up to new ideas however good or bad. Today we see the fruit of those events of those yesterdays. After all, can we actually claim that liberals may simply be evil for the sake of evil only? Of course not! In fact we have all been affected and injured by those fateful events of the 1960’s!

But there is hope for America when good men from both the left and the right will wake up & return to their God with a repentant attitude that made this country great enough for Americans to kiss the ground when returning from other nations of which especially tyrannical countries that habitually force and control people’s behavior. We can do better! For our countries have it’s faults but it’s general direction has been focused on righteousness. When a people begin to focus only on it’s sins, national suicide is REAL. Rejecting God for the gods of favorite temporal agendas to quiet our consciences, national suicide is REAL, i.e. save ALL the wales, save ALL the birds, save ALL the snails, save the ALL the trees and forget that there is evolution in the death of some species.

Finally, in regressing, it’s also true prior to the events of the 1960’s, America has been going through a slow withdrawal from God in rejecting godliness for self-centeredness and overt materialism.
And to complete this transformation, it’s simply a fact that the 1960’s and (yes) Communism has been pushing America as well ensuring a cliff dive, supposedly freeing us the masses at last. But this kind of communist freedom has only produced a false freedom and a bondage leading to ruinous repercussions such as abortions, marriage breakups, shootings, gangs, hate crime laws, thousands of regulations causing disrespect for the law, and lies about ruinous sex behaviors, and on the list goes! And many people today would say in the face of all this acrimony, “it’s always been this way, even with the forefathers.”

We live in a crazy thinking nation today!! But if a nation will humble it’s self and turn from it’s wicked ways and attitudes then our Creator will heal our land; 2Chron.7:14 (Bible).


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