NO Amnesty: Encourage Legal Habits Through Legal Immigration With Flood Cntrl

Amnesty Is Producing Further National Lawlessness; No Amnesty for the 99%

A Note of Wisdom:
Human nature is a creature of habit; Breaking one law willingly even with lawless consent from leaders with no respect of law, will lead to ever more with an evil conscience that shows no respect; Society is then harmed.

Stop the vast corruption of the United States of America: Advertising American benefits on Mexican billboards advertises our corruption, lack of respect, and egging on everyone else to break our laws. These billboards only produces & increases disrespect for America and American law. But the American liberal will not stop on this account for they really knowingly believe our laws only produces evil, thus “[most] evil is a victim of [most] good” and this ladies and gentlemen will lead to anarchy and not social stability; And a dictatorship will not be far behind. In digressing, the lack of respect I initially mentioned above is producing riotous illegals who are yelling for their rightful benefits from the American Government. Interestingly not from a Mexican Government benefit HERE in the U.S.A. along with threats that huge parts of our country is belongs to Mexico and yet they want benefits and want to vote NOW without being discriminated against with a voter-ID.
I’m I missing something or should ALL foreigners be deported, as did when Eisenhower when President using only (around)1150 border agents throughout the country for millions of illegals cutting into American wages.

And we know human nature is a creature of habit, and is easily encouraged to do lawlessness with any TRUE spiritual safeguards. Starting out as illegal law breakers will lead to more w/o a Spiritual renewal which would include restitution, meaning going back to your own country & helping it with their stolen education & stolen goods.

Sure, lots of well meaning bureaucrats and even illegal foreigners have a heart, but good intentions lead to hell when taking advantage of the laws and restrictions of another nation such as America. And what makes this worst is when a free people elect evil men and women (who disrespect spiritual values & attitudes) who disrespect our heritage and it’s Constitution. They also encourage others into lawlessness and illegal invasions of our borders in the name of false guilt and passion. To solve America’s problems is evil to break our laws and sneak in foreigners who will be expected to help our problems but instead will only seed attitudes that will explode upon the American scene with the liberals getting mauled or killed by the very class who USED THEM. This is a very real outcome for the future of liberalism. I see the attitudes seething & developing. And today we see some of it now on our streets and public places!

But finally, lawless habits are born out of good intentions in the face of wrong by encouraging others to break our laws to solve national problems!
Many people in high places whom we elected actually believe “most evil is simply the victimization of what’s good.” This is wrong and is leading to a national disaster. Part of this problem comes from us Christians who have been lording sin over others without compassion and care. Today’s Liberalism is a product of this but it must not be an excuse to ruin the nation either!

We the Americans must assist in helping our neighbors in the right way without dirtying our consciences, for they will become due in the future; Sin, any sin, will always fine you and I out. We might fool ourselves today, but in due season hell breaks loose even on a national scale. Let us save our nation by beginning with the law and ending with the law with a good and Spiritual attitude. Not by lording it or being indifferent to those who break the law but with care. The law demands restitution from those who break the law, and we who enforce the law must show grace and care toward those who must pay the appropriate cost. This is not to say our prisons must have TVs and normal living, but appropriate incentives so that the law breaker will not wish to return again. We all know humans are capable of fooling other humans with false crying and deceitful chat. Let good rule over evil and let us proclaim this to our American liberal friends who are NOT progressive at all.


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