Assessing False Guilt on Our Past National Sins Shall Lead to National Suicide

R. Oliver Luce  |  01-11-14

Let not those who seek to fix blame on sins against the Indians and Black slaves, instead to seek the mindset & redeeming mindset of that era!

Early 1776-1850 America for all it’s faults was a land of righteousness according to it’s own mindset of that period. For even good men have their sins (much less extreme sins) in all generations. Let those who try to fix blame for our PAST national sins go down to hell that they might soon have understanding instead.

If we think we shall redeem ourselves by fixing excessive blame [even false blame] on our past we will go down to hell in our understanding bringing our nation down with us.

An Indian’s view of how our liberal false guilt will destroy our culture & country!!


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