Nice to receive a handwritten letter from Obama telling it’s the right thing to do; Fudging our freedoms away!

It’s very nice to receive a contrite handwritten letter from Mr. Obama & a helping check or two for hapless Americans. And yet taking actions with Mr. Harry Reid how to limit and control Americans in the name of “it’s the right thing to do”.

Yes!! Liberals, Progressives, Communists (what ever they want to be called) they all believe they know better and there lies the trouble.

These people have a “worldview of perfect peace and balance” to push a controlling agenda through lies and deception and telling us “we can have our freedoms and keep them”, but conveniently planning to come back again to gainsay over our freedoms in wearing us the American people down!

They do believe you and I are weak and stupid and willing to be worn down. Well, they are recorded as saying so in liberal-media teleconferences! Ok, do we want a controlling nanny state where our freewill visions are limited if not dammed by elite people who believe they are the righteous above their creator? Gosh people!! Communism has killed more people in history than any other worldview!

Eventually the slow boiling of the frog will kill and then the hell begins. Let real men and women forget about their lives and take a stand with courage!



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