Republic in Danger Day1: Progressive’s Anti-Americanism, The Filibuster, & Breaking Law

Today it’s open revelations for everyone who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear!

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has led the democrats in taking away the filibuster from the minority element in the senate for the first time in history.

This is cause for concern! This only crushes dissent and would allow communist inspired democrats to ram through their progressive minded court appointees without real clear vetting. This can only mean a real tilt towards eventual communism in the courts; This would reorder our laws and regulations in doing away with the founding father’s constitution as we know it.

This can only be the beginning of changing America fundamentally (As Obama stated) towards eventual stealth communism (Progressivism) with it’s own political correctness with biting repercussions stifling dissent in America! A huge example of this are the new hate crimes being instituted and promoted, instead of simply enforcing our laws. After all, killing a people who may be weird such as so-called gays is wrong; killing is killing period. But it’s one of many excuses in advancing the Progressive’s anti-American agenda.  But I must digress to add Benghazi which is about to explode!  We must take the country back from Mr. Obama and  these Progressives who are seemingly communists in hiding!

The Republic (a republican form of democracy) is in danger! Our Republic if we should keep it, as Ben Franklin reportedly have said in the year 1787, is in real trouble as of this 2013! With this event of removing the filibuster doing damage and endangering the senate, there are other developments doing damage to the country.

We have a President as well who is breaking the law**, not enforcing our laws, and circumventing Congress with presidential dictates, all by Barack Obama with the excuse of congressional gridlock! Gridlock? Of course gridlock! America is in the middle of a culture war for our nation’s SOUL with people who want change and are tired of our Christian moral anchors that have kept balance. Our national sins should not and never should damn our entire heritage. We must instead continue to confront our national sins with our Christian moral base to rid institutional racism for example. But instead our national sins have become an excuse to bring about these on-going anti-American laws, regulations, and political correctness, we now see, damaging our society in many harsh ways. For example porn has been allowed to run amuck increasingly since the 1950’s destroying the family and creating the excuse for allowing the promotion of homo-sex and forcing Americans never to dissent against it or allowing gay-marriage [seemingly to prove to God their gay-sex is godly], i.e. we are not allowed to have an opinion on this issue (this is tyranny)!

So, yes it’s true. America is a land of laws; it’s founded on law. A country with moral Judeo-Christian anchors and a way of life that inspires the human spirit to achieve and invent with freedoms! The more this communist element (progressive democrats) forces porn and other vices on the American electorate our freedoms will cease and America will be fully transformed as the Progressive President Obama has stated in 2008. The American experiment will be over.

But if the American people DO rediscover The Father-God’s Covenant of Love as an intimate Lord and Savior in their personal lives, saving them from their selves(sin), AND to reinstate our social morals and attitudes, with GRACE and LOVE for each other despite our vices which we all want to overcome someday, we will prevail;
A third national spiritual reformation!!


**Our President and Democrats are allowing the diluting of our national heritage with foreigners who are not Americans who are illegals being encouraged and allowed to sneak in and even vote and receive American benefits. The corrupting of American wages are being allowed as well with low wages by both Republican and Progressive corporations! But all this on purpose for political gain for more voters?
Legal immigration is the law and the word immigrant means a new legalized American who use to be a foreigner; illegal immigrant is a contradiction in terms!


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