Crazy Mill-Creek Scientists with too much time on their hands

“The [mill]dams left a legacy of toxic[?] sediment piled up behind their walls [they did?], as well as reshaped[?] the landscape [nothing wrong here]?

Changing the landscape is wrong? Nothing of the sort!! Who said any-landscape is set in concrete from ions ago? Says who; mad scientists said so? IF we want to save a certain landscape because it’s pretty and most of us VOTE to separate it from use, then fine. Not because a crazed scientist says IT MUST be set aside! Forget that!! And nevermind a county GOVERNMENT dictating as well. Sure, taking care of how rain water flows is great, but with wisdom and not just because a local American communist wants a huge swath of land for rain collection either!!

As for TOXIC mud? Nothing wrong with mud unless you throw it at a scientist with too much time on their hands! Science has gone GODLESS, any crazy method is game now!!  The scientific method has become PERVERTED.  America again is promoting PERVERSION and calling it good.

My GOD, what have we done!!!

Ref: Liberals & nature-communists whose agenda is to kill[DIE] OFF humans to save the poor animals!  OMG(osh)!


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