A Group of American Capitalists are selling out our country on the cheap

It’s true this particular group of capitalists [see reference] are behind the RINO congressmen pushing for illegal foreigners to become free and easy illegal voters and eventually “illegalized” American citizens at the expense of Americans and American jobs!

Isn’t it true illegal is illegal?  Why are we NOT enforcing legal immigration.  Yep, immigrant means a legal new American who just came to our country through a legal process!!  Our leaders in the WhiteHouse are breaking the law!

Capitalism is a great thing! A system that’s the best system in the world. But it operates best in the long run when capitalists are Christians meaning they do their work with themselves in mind and OTHERS as well. If we are not careful these capitalists will tear our country apart just as liberal policies are doing NOW!

It’s looking like these capitalists are selling out our forefathers for a pot of illegal stew. Instead of willing to train Americans with legal patience for jobs these people are acting just like our Liberal/Progressives who hate our country and pushing for communist dictates with hopes of deleting freedoms and saving animals from killer humans!

This is NOT an overstatement about our liberal friends, but I do want to communicate that our fellow American capitalists are also killing our country on the cheap!  America comes first so capitalists can thrive!!



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