Self-esteem is spoiling children as we look on godly-esteem with contempt

As Sam Luce says it, “Self-esteem is ruining your kids!” Perhaps another way to put it. Godly-esteem has been replaced with self-esteem. I’m sure Sam would say this very differently but we all get his point!

And yes, it’s true. We can’t just blame this on so-called “liberalism” although liberalism picks up on this stuff and incorporates it into an agenda. This is yet one of many outcomes of Americans walking away and forgetting their God and the godly influences on American social life of years past. Today’s America has become unstable in many ways which I won’t go into at this time.

The hippy 60’s was a “sort of” a beginning that has set the stage for what we are experiencing today, among others reasons.  Our national sins have caught up with us. Instead of godly-esteem, we seem to have a focus on self-esteem; We have found ourselves becoming more self-centered and our children’s future is in doubt because of it. But of course this sounds simplistic for there are other facets to consider as well. But nevertheless, there are many who would never associate with godly-esteem of the past but perhaps with [maybe] “friendly-esteem” might be a better term or word for those who were not godly Chrisitans but were influenced by Christianity in American society of the past.

Personally I believe this comes from our parental sins of neglect. That is neglect in our interactions with our children. After all, it’s easy to send our children off to their rooms so we can “love ourselves”; love our personal time; love our football time perhaps at the expense of spending TIME really caring for our children even if it means sacrificing our convenience to say the least. After all (again), I am not a parent, and I won’t boast I know anything. But I watch others and their children; I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Excuse the Eastwood phrase! And we do know what’s going on everywhere today. Could we say we might be in serious trouble?

Our children are being spoiled, and I see the results at work! Or should I say the results are showing up when these poor kids walk off the job or get ugly on the job and are fired. I’m seeing terrible results on my job. It’s not good. And I’m doing something about it, in reaching out to these kids everyday at work with prayer warfare! For it’s a WAR here at work; It’s a WAR there where you are; It’s a WAR out there!  Yes, our children are growing up ruined and living in ruined relationships!

I’ve talked to a couple of HEAD HUNTERS who are very concern for our country and our future leaders; they are concerned that there will be very few who would be ready, and it’s not good.

Lastly, child responsibility is necessary & comes through consistent parental love in patience & encouragement with consistent parental action.
I’ve seen serious problems resolved in children by simply watching how parents are willing to spend hours with their child in order to instill love and respect into them without even a browbeat nor spanking. I’ve seen it 🙂 and I’m sure Sam has too.



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