In God’s Covenant: We are persuaded to run to HIM & all others be thieves

Our Father creator is a God of strict justice with swift judgment.

And God’s “arm of love through HIS eternal WORD (Jesus the Christ)” condones HIS love, patience, & grace with justice!

But HIS grace empowers us to live it; but does not condone our sin.

And our God, the only creator, intelligently knows how to apply HIS love & swift justice.

Just as a loving father or mother or spouse can persuade us to love and trust back.  So much more does our Father God in heaven persuades us to come to Him that we might earnestly desire HIS love!

It is through HIS empowering grace which is through His love, persuades us to choose HIM for there can’t be none other who provides such real love, true promises, and healing trust!
But nevertheless we continually live in these bodies of flesh which WAR against the spirit that tests our wills whom we shall serve the rest of eternity: A god of lies & temptations & lies with false promises of which are many, OR a God who loves us and knows how to build patience and character through the test of time!

Let God be praised and all others be liars and thieves.

… … …

The Father’s Covenant of love whom HIS living WORD sealed the deal on the cross for us all:
Gen. 15:17;  John 3:16.


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