How Obama won in 2012 w/ the ethnic crowd & ballot stuffing

The ethnic breakdown of the 2012 election results indicate Obama’s victory was much more the result of Governor Romney’s inability to appeal to Latino and Asian voters.

As some of us who know how Latino/Asians think (As we live with/around them!!). They are truly low-info folks with NO idea of the evil in the Senate and the Whitehouse! Most of these folks were not screened properly and/or are illegals who do not know the constitution and why we have what we have but soon we’re all going to LOOSE IT ALL!!

When a Latino or an Asian has the education of what is going on in our country they are MAD as you know how mad that might be!!!!!

PS: As it currently stands, I can not comment on the LBJ** style ballot stuffing by President Obama until more of these investigations come in. We all have heard of the 100% vote for Obama in many districts of Ohio for example. One thing is certain, all hell will break loose this coming 2014 over the revelations of our poor President Obama, the greatest Chicago thug of all time and his corrupted healthcare pack he and Reid forced upon us all.

Go ahead sue me Mr. President. We all know where all this is going, don’t we Mr. President.

**What!!, LBJ stuffed ballots you ask? Yes, look it up for the year 1954 on Mr. Google and other sources. Search on “LBJ 501c3”.


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