Calling Out @SenJohnMcCain; ObamaCare was NEVER Fought Fairly & Honestly! It’s a Culture War John

by R.Oliver Luce | 09-26-13

Senator John McCain ripped into Senator Ted Cruz for likening the battle against ObamaCare to the battle against Nazism, and then said, “we fought as hard as we could in a fair (?) & honest (?) manner and we lost.”
We did senator? Are we thinking right, Mr. McCain?? The fight over OBAMACARE was NEVER honest, nor fair, nor transparent sir! [Remember the sneakthrough in early 2009, sir?] And of course you know this, John!!

ObamaCare can be liken to Nazism in the ‘SENSE’ we WILL lose our freedoms & it IS killing jobs, sir.
As for us the American People sir, ObamaCare will never become an eternal FEDERAL LAW that will be liken to ‘eternal life’ as President Reagan termed it! NEVER! Life does have it’s surprises sir John.

This evil ill-conceived LAW will be ‘taken out’ in due season if not before 2015.

I Robert Oliver Luce who I’m sure speak for many Americans, DEMAND that you sir leave the Republican Party and join your liberal anti-godly friends of yours in the Democratic Party soon. There you will be ‘liked’ as long as the Democratic Party remains under liberal/progressive control. There you have it John McCain. Have at it!! 🙂


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