Religious-MRFF Attacks US Marines Stance on Religion & Saving Lives

by R.OliverLuce | 08-08-2013

First off “The Military Religious Freedom Foundation” (MRFF) is an acting religious body by their very nature, if not a ‘dictatorial’ foundation to everyone in America. But this group does act like a religion given to obsessive behavior and actions, but to a detriment to other groups and peoples. They can only ‘bow down’ to their own beliefs with NO room for being gracious and NOT able to be in a compromising mood at all. Their beliefs are holy and are forced on all others, like Islam does as well. Backing off is a sin to them. Everything is black and white and therefore an enemy of society as we know it. People and groups like MRFF should not be allowed to be supreme only because of their destructive behavior and beliefs. The group could learn some social manners and stop the insane suing. Yes, I did say social manners.

In presenting the issue, the U.S. military DOES have a problem with atheists and other non-religious soldiers in general which they believe leads to dangerous behavior. Some atheists of course can serve the Marines with honor without endangering themselves and maybe, maybe others. Read the article(1) and judge for yourself without willful-blind bias of course.

But lets get started with the issue at hand. The MRFF is stating, “… the founding framers(2) looked at the horrors that occurred throughout history by mixing religion and war, and they said, we’re going to separate church and state.” This statement by the MRFF is simply a lie(2) and they know it, if they know their history!

The military is discriminating against service members who don’t believe in God, by allowing the policy of the Marine Corps discovery that a “lack or loss of spiritual faith” could be dangerous. It may be true the Marines have not provided any services for atheists as they have or do with religious soldiers. But wouldn’t that be true only because atheists don’t feel the need to have… services… services? Come one MRFF! If this is bias of the US Marines then you’ve gone too far AGAIN!

But of course, the MRFF is a religion!  It’s got to keep their adrenalin moving for their “anti-god religion” to stay employed in full force at all costs!  After all isn’t it all about crushing Christianity and religion, and removing it entirely from America completely?  The MRFF can never be reconciliatory with Christianity and government at all.  It always has to be none at all and no Christianity in our society either!  They are a religion of enforced-discrimination because they push against our founding fathers and the constitution! I hate to say this, but the found fathers would shout them out of town for their extreme anti-Christian behavior!  After all, God is a god of judgment as well, He’s God for crying.  A nation needs to realize God again and bring back common sense and wisdom.

Let the U.S. Marines alone so they can do their job effectively, constitutionally, and protecting your hide.


(1) The U.S. military has a problem with atheists

(2) The founding framers said this about Christianity and government? It’s not true. It’s only about not allowing a ‘single’ religious-group to rule and govern society and government. Christianity at that time and still is a multi-religion religion, i.e. “Christian Religions plural”. To verify this with liberals, Islam is a 2 religious-religion as well but are at WAR with each other. Both are incompatible with the American Constitution.
Therefore there shall not be one dominating religion of the entire whole of Christianity in America over government and society. All Christian religions are equal in America. However that can never be said about stealth-moderate/radical Islam with America.


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