Nimrod, World’s First Tyrant & Avoiding Him in Every Nation & Generation

Nimrod, World’s First Tyrant & Avoiding Him in Every Nation & Generation
By R. Oliver Luce | 07-22-2013

In reading the following notes (below):
Read the various biblical scripture [listed at bottom]:

Nimrod of Babylon, the world’s initial (first) tyrant on earth.
A biblical lesson on how and what to see to avoid him in every generation.

Keep in mind “mighty man” means charismatic and/or man or leader.
He’s referred too as “A great hunter before the Lord” which really means in the Hebrew, a seducer of people.
After all, everyone in those days were hunters!

But more importantly he’s the world’s first tyrant (a biblical warning of such).
For Nimrod (whose  meaning is ‘get down’) had the first idea of subdueing the earth without God.

If you read the entire text (all the bible verses in context) you’ll find an interesting topic on making “bricks” as well.
But that’s another addition to the story later in an article I am thinking of writing (about this topic).

Partial scriptural reference:
Gen. 10:8,9; 1Chronicles 1:10; Micah 5:6.

There are four ways a person or people can develop into a Nimrod, into tyranny:
By design & purpose which is primary;
By inadvertent needs and a self centered society;
By harmful wants/vices in society;
By greed & coveting by society and/or the leader or leaders.


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