A Quick List of Impeachable Offenses, Against The People of The United States

A Quick List of impeachable offenses, against the people of the United States those who know their rights, their responsibilities, and holding those accountable without being labeled racist in doing so.

A growing, quick, list of evil-agenda actions and policy, initiated by President Obama, is enough for impeachment proceedings.
And with this list it’s enough to place this presidential domestic enemy in prison without TV nor Internet watching (lol) for years to come:

01 Illegal aliens flood in taking jobs
02 Deleting border security & denying it
03 Lawless Illegal benefits
04 Not enforcing laws
05 Breaking Law at will
06 Benghazi conspiracy
07 IRS Attacks on GOP/TeaParty
08 DOJ Attacks on Americans
09 Fast & Furious conspiracy
10 Seal Team 6 chopper dead
11 No job focus
12 Perjury in court & congress
13 Forcing ObamaCare on Americans
14 ObamaCare crashing
15 Inciting Liberal-Black riots on Zimmerman
16 Force double jeopardy on Zimmerman
17 Eventually legalizing illegal aliens unlawfully
18 Obama attempting secretly & openly to work w/o congress
19 Directing our navy/marines to attack our friends in Egypt
20 Directing our navy/marines to defend our enemies: Stealthic Islam.
21 Defending Islamic law over the Constitution in America

This growing list is enough to impeach & JAIL our presidential domestic enemy.

Never mind Obama’s Powerful Bitter Civil Riot Army who is as powerful (as in screaming & stealing TVs) as our Military? Who? Nevertheless, we do not care when it’s time to destroy our domestic enemies given to bitterness and being sold to a NIMROD. Enough is enough!! Communism is wicked so is liberalism; No more liberalism in America.


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