Anarchy will Not Prevail: ‘Stand Your Ground’ is as Righteous as ‘Profiling’ is to Catching a Thief; Sanity Will Return

Anarchy will Not Prevail: ‘Stand Your Ground’ and ‘Profiling’. Sanity Will Remain the Law of the Land.
By R. Oliver Luce | 07-14-2013

Profiling and Stand your ground are wise tools. Personal racism is another problem, which has NOTHING to do with their using PROFILING or STANDING YOUR GROUND. Reasonable people will use their BRAINS to know the difference!

“Stand your ground” is common sense! Even if bitter liberals outlaw it, it stands to reason to STILL defend yourself or the evil will kill you. American law is becoming more & more about Mob-rule law pushed by liberal-racist-blacks and their Lib-white co-ops! Sin has a way of beginning as an innocent thing,  developing into full blown evil consequential fruit, that will eventually explode in the face of the  perpetrators who are doing the behavioral sin. It’s a law of sin and death which sinners continue to deny to their deaths wondering where is God when foolishly rejecting HIM and His ways!  Everyone will FACE God  no matter how much one might sneer and reject the idea.  God is a fact embedded in all creation as a pointer to HIS glory.  And we wonder why we are in a HOT CULTURE WAR?  All of us have walked away from our GOD!

But getting back to “Standing your ground” it does stands to reason why liberal-blacks hate the idea of defending yourself. Liberalism will always goad their Liberal-black’s attitude of bitterness and un-forgiveness. For the goal is control over the rest of the country. It’s seems the liberal-black-rage IS OBAMA’s so-called Civilian Army as strong as the military. Very scary only to those who do not wish to defend their country against such dictators, real dictators given to rage and bitterness. God help them to repent, but nevertheless let us push back in the name of our forefathers and our beloved wise but so-called Uncle-Toms! These are the true Americans who may be Black :-).

Why? They make for a great Lib-Civil-Army to scare all Americans into following their dictates or else: EXAMPLE, you had better never impeach the Rev. Obama or else we riot & destroy!” Well, many of us DON’T CARE. We are coming for our country to re-establish righteousness and the constitution meaning LAW will prevail once again. Go ahead, riot, destroy. WE DON’T CARE, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU AND YOUR EVIL WAYS, in the name of Jesus who died for your(yep, liberals too) and my sins, if we repent from our sins and bitterness.

Finally, Mr. Holder, Zimmerman is innocent. Please stop your lawless deeds. Mr. Zimmerman has ALREADY BEEN TRIED. Stop enabling and encouraging lawless Liberal-Inspired-Blacks who are full of bitterness for which you have encourage all the more! Remember where a nation’s leaders go, so goes the country. YOU will be held accountable for THIS DEADLY period in our history.



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