Destruction of America as DEMs & GOPs Fight Over Foreign Cultures Destroying Melting Pot

By R. Oliver Luce | 07-11-2013

The FALL of Rome! Reading just like the FALL of America with illegal aliens flooding in without any assimilation or catching up with assimilation!

The destruction of America will be laid at the feet of stupid men who threw away their wisdom for a mere pot of hot soup, political soup, men who called themselves democrats for freedom when in fact their “manufactured [godless] righteousness”, otherwise known as “false guilt”, led them into agendas made of subtle white-lies that became their downfall for them and their entire country.

For our Liberal countrymen believed the lie that the U.S. Constitution of the United States was no longer appropriate and this was the end as the hordes flooded in from the Middle East and the South of the border with their own cultures and laws that eventually created GREAT mayhem!

The Republic of Rome of North America has fallen!!  Islam with it’s horrific Sharia and Hispanics with their own self culture made in Mexico without regard to an American Melting Pot!



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