Homosexuality; An Intrinsic Evil

Homosexuality, An Intrinsic Evil
By R OliverLuce | 07-08-2013

It’s all about evil attempting to PROVE God approves of their gaysex BEHAVIOR in re-defining the centuries old Marriage between 1 man and 1 woman, I repeat, 1 man & 1 woman.

The excuse that marriages are falling apart is an excuse to re-define marriage? The spread of soft/hard porn by liberal elements of our society has brought about the increase in divorces. Why not fix our problems instead of pushing perversion?

If these people who are obsessed with a god of lust for the same sex are so obsessed in wanting a UNION, then it’s a MUST to invent a new TERM identifying EXACTLY what it is, a UNION-NAME giving the same gaysex people a UNION so they too can have their tax credits and HAND OUTS from our HUGE evil American Government.

The Supreme Court MUST take notice (wakeup) before their time is up!! What goes around DOES come around in every AGE!



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