* * * Phone your Senators to vote NO on ‘Motion to Proceed’ on S. 744 amnesty bill Tuesday * * *


Washington State    Senator Cantwell <or yours> and Senator Murray <or yours>

888-978-3094   [Keep trying or fax or email or showing up in their face w/o abrasivness]

Simply ask for the Senator’s office. You will find specific talking points for each Senator below.

The Senate is scheduled to vote Tuesday at 2:15 p.m. (Eastern) on a Motion to Proceed to Debate on S. 744. This is our first opportunity to kill this amnesty/immigration increase bill so it is critically important that you call your Senators now.

If the motion passes on Tuesday, it will allow the bill to move forward to the amendment process. Unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible to amend S. 744 into a good bill so it’s important you convince your Senators not to bring it to the floor.

Calling is easy. Simply dial the numbers we have provided for your Senators and when a staffer answers say something like:

“I’m calling about the S. 744 amnesty bill. My name is ……………… I am calling from (name of your town) and I’m asking the Senator to vote NO on the Motion to Proceed.”

You can just say thank you and hang up.

But you may want to give one reason why you think the Senator should vote against even debating the bill. You can use your own reason or pick from the ones we are including here:

Talking Points for Calling Senators Cantwell and Murray

Senators Cantwell<OR OTHER> and Murray<OR OTHER> appear to be leaning toward supporting the bill. Despite that, your phone call can still help. Phone calls opposing the bill help at least curb the enthusiasm of its supporters, which can put less pressure on the Senators on the fence who are likely to decide the fate of the bill. And, in 2007, we saw many Senators vote against the amnesty that they wanted to support because they were overwhelmed by constituent opposition.

* It is outrageous that the Senate is even considering giving out lifetime work permits to 33 million illegal aliens and foreign job seekers over the next 10 years.

* Supporting S. 744 would suggest to your constituents that you have abandoned the 20 million Americans who are unable to find a full-time job.

* S. 744 gives work permits first followed by hollow promises of enforcement later.

* Please vote NO on the Motion to Proceed on S. 744.


Our best hope in stopping this amnesty is in phone calls from people like you. But don’t assume that everybody else is going to take care of this. We need YOUR call.

Phone calls are so important right now that you will likely receive a recorded message from Roy reminding you to call your Senators.

This is the time to act. Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to make this call to help defeat the S. 744 monstrosity.

Thank you,

Anne Manetas,

Important Talking Points we must stress!!!

*(1)* NO eternal work permits for illegals & foreigners when we have 20 million Americans out of work!

*(2)* If President Ike using 1072 border agents doing ongoing deportation of several million illegals SO CAN WE!. Nevermind what the HONORABLE McCain says WE CAN’T DO enmass. WE CAN DEPORT ALL as a normal ongoing operation 6-18 years. Most illegals will deport themselves. HELP US HELP ILLEGALS STAY LAW-ABIDING as they say they are. I live around illegals and they DO NOT CARE about our CULTURE and lie on GOVERNMENT FORMS to receive benefits and handouts!!!

*(3)* Bring back American farm family wages once again, by deporting slave illegals back to their countries to help their own!!  Assist Mexico from a position of strength NOT from a position of financial distaster!



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