FT Hood Shooter Is A Spy, or Is Moderate Islam Harmless As Our Liberal Gov Says?

The FT Hood Shooter Is A Spy, or Is Moderate Islam Harmless As Our Liberal Gov Says?
By R.OliverLuce | 06-04-2013

“Military experts [are] speculat[ing] that Hasan [FT Hood shooter] might argue he was protecting fellow Muslims in Afghanistan because soldiers were preparing to deploy from the Texas Army post.”

Ok, if that’s true of the Fort Hood soldier, who happens to be a self avowed Muslim-American, then Mr. Hasan the soldier is admitting he’s a spy shooting his fellow soldiers, right? Of course! Why, he’s a soldier shooting his own men for crying out loud! Why wouldn’t it be correct? You tell me?

Ok, what DO we do with spies in our armed forces? We try them as such and shoot them or the almost like it. Oh, but we aren’t in a time of WAR you might demand? Oh but we are, we have American soldiers dying in the Afghanistan theater. Yes, both Afghanistan and Iraq are both theaters in a wider 100-year war with Islam. If you think not, then you ignore what’s going on in our world up through today. It’s a 3-prong strategy on the part of Islam to overtake the world, of which terrorism is one of those 3-prongs, which is used as a detraction in overtaking a country such as England or Belgium and forcing everyone to become Muslims or else (Do read their Quran). Cities such as London in a number of short years from now, might as well be renamed. The Brits are already fleeing London because of the ever-expanding Islamic reach there! Muslims are already OPENLY calling for the TAKEOVER of Belgium from their Mosques. Friends are hearing it everyday in Belgium.

The other 2-prongs (there are 3) are ensuring they are making babies 8 to 1 of Europe’s baby creation (Europe believes in abortion, and immigration is still bringing in more Muslims as well). Then as number 2 [prong], the rush to install SHARIA LAW in every quarter of the countries of Europe. As their numbers continue to grow, they will outvote you and your friends in due season!

Yep, we all are in a silent WAR with Islam and it’s terror arm used as a distraction; Islam is a creeping cultural government with a violent leaning religion.



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