Swedish Political Parties are DETROYING THEIR COUNTRY 1

Swedish Political Parties are DETROYING THEIR COUNTRY in ignoring serious Muslim issues at the expense of Sweden!

Swedish political parties are more interested in votes rather than saving their country!

As both political parties in Sweden argue over ignoring the raping of hundreds of young Swedish women by Muslim men, and the threatening of a certain female [former]Muslim woman journalist.

The raping’s  are continuing and the former Muslim journalist is being intimidated into leaving her profession and going into hiding!

All this “do nothing” because either party is afraid the OTHER  political party will pander to the Muslims and get their votes in the next election!!  THIS IS AN OUTRAGE that’s even creeping into the United States beginning with the illegal law breaking Latinos, who claim to be law abiding citizens and clambering for their right to U.S. Government services and handouts. Law abiding? Citizens? Demanding handouts and free services?  When will common sense and thinking return to the Western World and America in particular?  Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio are leading the pack in destroying our American Melting pot style culture with illegals entering without immigrating as Americans who should speak English!

Muslims will be next in line to dictate our demise if there is no deportation of Muslims who uphold the Quranic-culture that is spreading in America.

Somali Journalist: PC-Media makes Sweden “more dangerous than Mogadishu”:
Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden:
8 Muslims Charged with Raping 15 yearold Swedish girl:
1 in 4 Swedish Women Will be Raped as Assaults Increase 500%


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