Stop Suing & Get To Work! Apple Scores Billion Dollar Win Over Samsung

Apple, Inc. Scores Billion Dollar Win Over Samsung
By R.OliverLuce | 05-21-2013

Last week in a court battle, Apple (AAPL) was awarded a billion dollar decision over the ever increasing winner, Samsung of South Korea for infringing on poor Apple’s cellphone technology. Of course Samsung shouldn’t be infringing on other corporate toes! But really, Apple is spending too much focusing on battling Samsung in the courts when it could get back to work doing nice things like getting a nice screen display with friendly stylist writing with a nice sharp stylist without having to blowup the screen to do the same thing by manipulating pixels. But I’m digressing due to a pet-peeve I have.

Yes, Samsung was found guilty of knowingly copying Apple’s “trade dress” which is it’s exterior appearance and all three of Apple’s iOS disputed patents. It’s great when evil corporations are kept honest who are doing great things for customers of the likes of you and I.

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Yep, Samsung was apparently infringing on Apple’s patents with it’s vast array of it’s smartphone products. I say apparently because I’m not persuaded, since I’m in the dark about the details of Apple’s actual patents and how Super Samsung actually infringed.

Nevertheless, all this means, Samsung owes Apple a real cool billion, as in dollars. And for a moment here I want to say, isn’t a cool billion sort-of high? How about, say 600 millions at the most? It’s not like Apple got any revenues from it’s customer base. In fact it’s losing customer base, and losing IT to Samsung!!

I’m saying this because Samsung is winning the smartphone wars and will eventually destroy Apple in the eventual future. Apple’s market billions are FALLING, while Samsung is gaining it’s billions in SALES from customers [‘billions’ so to speak]. So what if Apple got a billion from Samsung. Samsung is the future, I hate to say. After all, you and I do have to ADMIT, their “Samsung Galaxy s4” and the “Samsung Note 2 & 4” devices are impressive! Oh yea, impressive! Uh, yes, much better than Apple’s latest iphone and ipad, which Samsung’s great products have great screen space and imaging when writing with a ‘SHARP’ stylist! I say again, ‘sharp’ stylist! With that said, I say go-Samsung-go! Apple has got to stop focusing on suing everybody and get back to work and to save American jobs too, lol. I want to root for Apple, but NOT TODAY 🙂 !

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Now with everything I’ve just said, of course, this usually could translate into a great stock performance for Samsung, but perhaps for the future. But whose listening to me or watching the above mention court case for that matter, to lunge at [to grab at] Samsung stock! Let’s roll no matter, things are looking up for Samsung! So it seems.


The author does not, repeat does not have any stock in Samsung nor the downward trending Apple who could do better in the future, for the future!

This inadvertent Motley Fool contributor RobOliverLuce has no position in any stocks mentioned.  You can follow him on Twitter @ROliverLuce and by NO means is he associated or works for Motley Fool Financial.


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