Milk & Vinegar and the Wickedness of the Moderate Quran

Milk and vinegar and the wickedness of the so called moderate Quran
By R.OliverLuce | 05-15-13

Milk and vinegar can never mix in a culture. Either the first will force the later to disavow Quran & integrate, or the later will intimidate by out-babying the first group and using terror as an opening to eventually replace the Constitution with the Quran and it’s evil twin Sharia Law.

Intimidation is the name of the game with terror-sidekicks, moocha-babies, and low-profile-Sharia; It’s a 3-prong strategy of using terror so that so-called moderates can & must disavow as they go about using our freedoms against us to gainsay and overtake our own freedoms!  This is the vinegar that won’t assimilate into American life as we know it.

Thus the American melting pot will be dumped on the ash heap of history for all time and for all peoples to grown and cry, why have they thrown their freedoms and greatness to the wins of wickedness.

~ @ROliverLuce


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