Senator Cornyn’s Misplaced Compassion is Wrong! We Can Deport ‘Most’ Illegals In Compassion & Wisdom

Senator Cornyn’s Misplaced Compassion is ill-Advised and Wrong!  We Can and Must Deport ‘Most’ Illegals With Compassion and Wisdom.
By R.OliverLuce | 05-13-2013

Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, on the subject of illegal immigrants: “The basic challenge of immigration reform will be to reconcile our compassion as Americans to the fundamental importance of the rule of law, without yielding to either.”

But I say to you Senator John Cornyn with all due respect. You drew up stories of rape and abuse of a young girl [to support your position] who came to America with help of a human-smuggler who did those terrible acts to her. And you noted that she was a political escapee from persecution as well, and was forced to come to the United States. This young girl you speak of could have fled to Costa Rica which is much closer or even better to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua! I know LEGAL people from Costa Rica who would say, “flee to Costa Rica”, it’s free”, lol!

Ask yourself why did she choose America? Senator think, “handouts and free schooling for the entire world”. No other country gives free stuff, they’d be bankrupt as we are about too sir!

We can not buy your story of compassion that must ONLY come from a position of legalizing illegal activity (which always brings more) whether people are nice, upstanding, or evil criminals. It’s a matter of “positional focus” because of the law we must NOT wink at. We are more than able to enforce the law (deport/build fence) with compassion! Help Mexico help their people! And stop encouraging drug wars as well. YES, we’re doing it sir. Are we not helping Colombia? Hummm.

WE all know that even a Hitler-type or a well intentioned leader can gainsay (whether knowingly or by ignorance) by presenting any kind of compassion to advance evil or a well intentioned but flawed idea, in the name of ‘apparent’ but false righteousness! Again, it’s compassionate to enforce the law, to deport and with compassion. It use to be done. We do deportation with dignity, even in the face of their own opposition to it. As we have seen, many illegals are outright demonstrating they want their handouts and free education. Liberalism and the like have embolden these people who are also coming in without learning the basics of our CULTURE and LANGAGE.

No Senator, we must deal with illegal people who are not the real immigrants. Those immigrants are the ones who come in LEGALLY. Instead we must help those who are illegal to become LEGAL in their habits. They have been enticed by false American ideas through liberalism who throw handouts, goodies, free cellphones, and the like on both the Federal and State levels through willful political gain and ignorance I might add.

Senator, we fulfill compassion and we fulfill the law from the position of helping the illegal law-breaker stay true, if they be law-abiding people; Let’s help them do the right thing, for doing so in the long run will always prosper them!  Of course many are criminals who came, which is a hint as to why we have “LEGAL” immigration.  Let LEGAL immigration DO IT’S WORK and leave illegals for deportation, and care in their own countries where they originated.  It’s REALLY true! Deportation is viable when it’s done “as an ongoing operation” and not as a “one-time-mass-deportation of all or most illegals” as Senator John McCain has characterized it!

As for the deported illegals (except for the very few who might be ‘hardcore’ political escapees) we should be able to help these people by ‘encouraging’ the foreign country in question to help their own, which they [should] do in their “own ways”.  We would be very wise to help these illegals and people in their OWN countries from a position of strength, financial strength.  And why not?  If America bleeds for 12+ millions illegals why not bleed for 1 billion illegals??? Can we think about this?  Because our current way of life is unsustainable in helping illegals ruin a country financially and culturally, and that country would be our own!!  Illegals bring in and will overwhelm our own CULTURE.  Not if they be LEGAL.  Legal immigration is suppose to enforce the transformation of LEGAL immigrants into Americans. Yes, I know, it’s a concept liberalism can’t perceive nor want to understand!  WE are not the United States of Mexico.  As for myself and where I’m living, it’s the UNITED STATES I always through.  We also must educate latinos to understand and believe that enforcing our immigration laws are to their benefit as well.  Many legal and American latinos don’t know because of misunderstanding what it means to help their friends and families to do the right thing.  Nevertheless legal immigrants tend to always hate illegals and lawlessness because they did the right thing.

Incidentally, did we forget we have Americans out of work who are also a segment of humanity!  American citizens are citizens for a reason.  We take care of them far and above illegals and others who are not of this country!!  So, with our sense of humanity lets throw money at LEGAL immigration, and deport all or almost all law-abiding ILLEGALS and families back to where they can go to the back of the line.  And yes, I’m saying this with all due respect for crying outloud.  To say it again, LIFE was never meant to be fair. But justice shall be served both in the United States and Mexico and the other nations as well.  Shall we also help Mexico crush the drug wars too, as we did in Columbia?
Obama, tear down this kind of liberalism and get out of the way!  We are going to have LEADERSHIP!!


A disclaiming thought:
Facts tend to speak: 3 million illegals in 1986 begats 12+ million more illegals in 2013 exploding our laws & finances and soon Liberal anti-Americans will have their communist ruled North-American Union, after which first America is [financially]crashed and then the Constitution replaced. THIS SEEMS LIKE IT’S HAPPENING WITH EASE, but with people afraid to ask if this is really TRUE are actually afraid to be framed as FREAKS.  It might even be the case of accidental events with the ‘real’ Liberal Leaders (who are in the know -agenda-) saying, “Wow. Let’s not allow a good crisis go to waste!” Heard THAT before haven’t you?


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