How God Does NOT Hate Us; He Sees What’s Missing ~Gays Take Notice!

How God Does NOT Hate Us; He Sees What’s Missing ~Gays Take Notice!
by R.OliverLuce | 05-09-2013

When we give ourselves to Christ we reckon our flesh as DEAD in Christ!
This is why the Father doesn’t see wrong in us. HE only SEES what’s NOT in us!
For God is committed to our ongoing experience in life, in the Holy Spirit. We practice godliness by choosing & relying as a child like person in the “Holy Spirit” [Something like the ‘Spirit’ of football mania but wonderfully more powerful and beyond our fleshly comprehension].

He is focused on the new nature that you have thrown off in His “Arm of Love” Jesus.
This is why He puts a finger on that part of your/our life that is not functioning in relationship with HIM. When HE does this He’s actually pointing to your/our next upgrade in Christ [His arm of love].
For God has no adverse thoughts toward you or me but simply to see us conform to the image of HIS love & grace (God’s arm of love, Jesus)!!

God the Father created His Covenant of love and sent His ‘Arm of Love’ to Earth to ‘seal that deal’ on the Father’s Covenant. We are FREE to choose whether we want His love & holy inspiration to grow & mature in HIS wisdom, to do exploits for His enjoyment and ours as well.


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