Lawmaker’s Moral Disapproval of Gayism in 96 Could Doom DOMA ~Not True!

Not True! Lawmaker’s Moral Disapproval of Gayism in 96 Could Doom DOMA
by R.OliverLuce | May 5, 2013

What’s wrong with stating that some things are immoral? Otherwise we have anarchy in our Government and society! And we are still in the battle between homosexuals attempting to legitimize themselves ‘verses’ those who say marriage is about a man & woman and always had been.
What’s immoral many people ask?  Well sin!  What is sin? Another word for sin is “missing the mark.”  Simply observe your bodies and people around you; God created the plumbing to work as HE intended it to be. And why not? It’s normal to be a man or a woman! It’s normal for a man to love another man or a woman another woman and to save sex for the special one of the opposite! We have “missed the mark” against ourselves if we continue to do these acts of perversion. The only way this country will legitimize homosexuals and homo-marriages will be to do so against GOD himself. And it’s true, there is a price that will be paid someday in the future.

So if this nation wants to cave, and if gayism is so intent on legitimizing themselves then they should perhaps look elsewhere in making a different institution with it’s own terminology in reaching their goal of [pretending to] realizing God made them that way. Why make the sin even worse by destroying marriage (redefining marriage)?

Again, it’s immoral because it’s what is called “missing the mark(sin)” on how we use our plumbing; We sin against ourselves. Oh sure, we love other men too, but to have sex with them is crazy. Why? The plumbing and how men are similar but dissimilar to woman; The nature of man is dissimilar from women! Simply put, we don’t equate lust and desire with men. It’s all in the mine and the spirit of a man. Gayism, is a “familiar spirit” that must be dealt with firmly and with purpose [more on this another time].

Ok then, this is no fault of ours if we simply give the facts about “the birds and the bees” with the backing of a [some say foolish] Bible that God has chosen to reveal Himself, and that being originally through the Jewish people. Let us wise up and do what’s right. Men, rise up and be men. I am also talking to women here as well but of course their nature is dissimilar to a man’s. For God’s plumbing (in us) there is a man for every woman and a woman for every man in this earth. Civilization 101 for starters.

Sooo, where is our common sense that is suppose to be in our Supreme Court? Yes, it’s true, they will make a judgement call this coming JUNE on whether to redefine marriage or not! God forbid!! They just might exercise their power to redefine marriage for the first time in world history. Well, maybe that’s why they just might do it, because humans LOVE the lime light at times; Changing world history that is. Lord help our civilization!! This society will be blessed instead when they reach out to the hurting misled folks who believe the lie that they are ‘stuck’ in doing sex with the same sex and nothing can help them escape! There is help and there are sources of wonderful help from God to anyone who is truly seeking to ‘come out’ of homosexualism and the obsession with sexual lust. The Father God, our creator loves you right where you stand. He is more than able to change you into who HE has created you to be. You have been created to dream and create for HIS glory. You are a free moral agent and the decision is in your lap.

* Reference:–politics.html


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