FoxNews: DEMs Defend Obama, saying Can’t Fix the Debt Now. Only the foolish Can Say This!

Only a foolish man would say, “can’t balance my checkbook and stop spending what I don’t have” in the FACE of more MOUNTING NATIONAL DEBT? Unless the ulterior motive has come into play since Liberal Democrats have come into power in the last few years. I say it’s about foolishness from the Liberal Democratic Party. It can’t be THEY WANT TO CRASH THE STATE in order to setup a new Government on a path to eventual communism. They can’t be that evil! As humans go this has to be foolishness on a grand scale! Even if I do say so myself. LQQK at our financial condition people! WAKE UP!

America is at risk with such leadership who think, talk, and act like foolish youths.
I am going to rest this case; This is insanity! SAVE THE REPUBLIC FROM SUCH MEN AS THESE!

Oh where have the wise gone? Have the Democratic party been found wanton and lacking common sense? Please, NO MORE DEBT! Where’s the budget? And where is your vote going today? To vote Democratic… ‘NOT TODAY’! Not ever until every foolish liberal leader in the country is replaced with good men who believe in sound judgment and the Constitution.

But I digress!! Our fast mounting debt is insanity, but to NOT even make a budget for the last 3 years adds yet another layer on top of this insanity!
How in the world can a little-less-than-half the country’s people believe in this kind of hope when these liberal leaders can not even do a budget on top of spending what we don’t have? Half our country believe in a false hope and maybe running from reality! Forget the FED [bank], they are only inflating the money and it will not HIT us all until the markets wake up and see what’s happening. Then the jig is up on the rest of US!
It’s a no wonder how tyranny takes over when good people do nothing and believe in smoke and mirrors only because “we” don’t wish to suffer at all. Did our fighting men and women suffer in the defense of our country?? Real men and women can only learn wisdom through some kind of suffering and sacrifice. We must act like grown ups! Today let us act like grown ups.



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