What’s this? Bill Nye the Scientist Guy Tells our Children God is Inappropriate?

Some people believe I kinda look like this guy Nye.  I certainly do not share his foolishness; Creationism is inappropriate for teens or maybe worse?

Mr. Nye, is that inappropriate as in weirdos approaching our teens?  You’ve got to be kidding?  Yes, like kidding!!!  Only a fool (as if God with a capital ‘G’ doesn’t exist) could say something like THIS; Saying it’s all inappropriate, wow.  Of course you can disagree, but don’t speak it in those terms. YOU KNOW BETTER!  Come on back to earth Mr. Nye, oh please sir.  God does laugh and asks, “where is my love, Mr. Nye?  For I still love you but it’s not your behavior I like at times”.

Oh yeah, ‘The Creator’ did create humor.  There is nothing wrong with humor that will always bring good taste.  And WE ALL KNOW THIS by second nature!!!

Sure, I suppose your fearlessly-intelligent-body was intelligently brought-together out of some weird pool-of-goo.  THAT, sir, is not INappropriate but is simply kinda STUPID with all due respect.  Just listen to the sound of that word alone, “goo”.  Have we gone nuts?  Oh Lord help us all and Mr. Nye :-O.  Remember sir, scientists are grounded in sound judgment, sound common sense, and sound facts.  There is no room for speculations and hyperboles; Goo does not make sense.  Kindness, respect, and love do have a place among those of us who have intelligently created bodies;  Our bodies are fearlessly and wonderfully created!!!  Is Bill Nye’s NOT? 🙂

It is a truth, creeping godlessness opens the door to tyranny in ways people can’t see until the ‘bad’ fruit shows in plain sight.

The ‘Spirit of Obamism’ (not to coin a phrase) is not about Obama but it’s about a rising anti-God, an anti-American spirit that is full of lawlessness in favor of allowing undisciplined, unchecked, and unbecoming behavior rule the day for the sake of pleasure.  What has become of honor and decency in society?  This spirit must be overcome with justice and love of God!!
And we’re NOT talking about ‘DEAD’ DRY RELIGION which is the product of a dying Christian church (as a whole in America) that has backslidden as well.  The time has come for the American Church to weep and come back to their living God that we may be living souls helping one another once again as in days of old (an the age of our Forefathers).



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