It’s slide-to-the-side-Obama: Enraging and sliding aside to embarrass

Obama the bogus player: Obama is now saying he was just talking about roads and bridges. [Where “we’re going” who needs roads, lol]  This is how he thinks, first stating flatly about businesses in general, then he slides to the left with a slide-to-the-side-comment on roads and bridges away from businesses in general, wow. Of course, while thinking all along his desire to enrage us and make us seem foolish with his shock value.  [America and the world has no time for foolish shock value shouted from the Whitehouse!!]

Now, we have 71 people shot and he’s jumping behind the this story, in Colorado, to hide. Well of course!! We all shall mourn, and mourn we will, but not to make excuses for our behavior!



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